Cascade Villa was the original name of the house in Upstate New York , in the Hudson Valley, back in the 1800’s.

It must have been so surreal back then to see such a beautiful Victorian house sitting on top of a cascade of rocks and thrashing waterfalls. It still is! We recently discovered the original name and then it all made sense. Cascade Valley truly is a piece of heaven on this decadent Earth and I just had to take you there. I will always be at peace here. Time literally just stops.

The Hudson Valley itself is also very rocky and is a land rich in minerals. Growing up I loved rocks and minerals and gems, and even now I still collect them, and even look at them quite frequently. It reminds me that nature is always perfect. It is the most perfect thing in the world, without trying. Cascades can be rock, mineral, water, sand, and sky, light and air. They can be whatever it is that makes your imagine go, and will keep you grounded in chaos. What do you see?